When I am asked why I am voting for Dr. Valerie McCray for President of the United States my reasons are as compelling and clear to me as breathing without hesitation. She is simply the smartest person I know. Despite her obvious astounding academic persona, Dr. McCray has the ability to view and ingest life situations and determine with remarkably astute wisdom the best sustainable outcomes. She is driven by compassion and directed by a moral standard that is incomparable. I have been privy to her tireless commitment to other human beings and the improvement of life for all. She is trustworthy in an age where trust and transparency is almost obsolete. Dr. McCray personifies balance, by that I mean that she innately is in tune to even those who may disagree with her politically yet consider and respectfully work together with them despite their descending viewpoint. She quite literally makes sense. This candidate is the best person for the office of President of the United States.  

Rosita Criss

Detroit Michigan

Testimony from a Vietnam Veteran’s Wife

I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Valerie McCray for her outstanding support and professionalism. My husband is a disabled veteran from the Vietnam war era. He has severe health issues along with Lewy Body dementia. As we were attempting to pursue additional compensation for his debilitating conditions, we were not able to make any progress with the Veterans Administration. We waited and waited and finally, the VA decided that he needed a professional diagnosis. They made an appointment with Dr. Valerie McCray. They flew her in just to interview my husband to see if she was able to to help him when no other medical professional could. Dr. McCray analyzed my husband specifically pertaining to his time spent in the Vietnam War. She revealed that he suffered from undiagnosed Post-traumatic stress disorder, debilitating dementia, physical, mental, and financial incompetence. This was not a small task. In order for her to get to the root cause of the issue, she had to ask him several questions and actually place herself in his situation during his war-torn years. She delved into the black corners of his mind, and the dark areas that he repressed for decades. She was able to discover that not only was he suffering from dementia, but he was suffering from undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. McCray allowed him to remember gunfire and combat activity. He had repressed these memories for years.The PTSD, combined with exposure to Agent Orange, resulted in his multiple illnesses. She used her professional skills, her knowledge, and experience to meet my husband where he was. He had difficulty remembering facts, dates, times and places, but because Dr. McCray was so skilled in this area,she was able to spend quality time with him to extract this information from his repressed thoughts. Without having this analysis and diagnosis from Dr. McCray, my husband may not have been able to get the appropriate compensation that he is now receiving. But for her experience and superior knowledge, he is now able to serve out his final years with dignity, honor and respect. I was so impressed with her gentle yet professional nature that I will never ever forget her. I have never been so impressed by any type of medical professional ever in my life.This appointment was very beneficial to my husband. He was finally able to put closure to these haunted memories from the Vietnam war that eventually affected him and placed him in a palliative care situation. I will never forget her kindness, her smile, her professionalism, and knowledge. I only wish that every healthcare professional had the requisite skills that Dr. McCray possesses. I will be forever thankful to her.

Phyllis Banks

Sacramento California

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