Ushering in an era of the living wage

Why a lady should work 3 jobs and is still unable to get ahead in the richest Country the world has ever known, beats me. Why a young man can find it hard to pay off student loans, despite working full time, in a Country with more billionaires that it knows what to do with, baffles us. I am running for president to give a living wage to anyone who is willing and able to work. Join me in this fight.

Housing For All Americans

Dr. Valerie McCray is committed to providing affordable and plentiful housing for Americans. We see too many homeless men and women in our cities. Some of these people fell to predatory lenders, while others to hard times. As Americans, we are our brother’s keeper. We give a hand, we come together to support each other. Dr. McCray is committed to ending the plight of homelessness.

Detroit, not Shanghai

Shanghai China currently has the fastest train in the world. This should be Detroit, Michigan instead. We have the resources, ingenuity, and goodwill to run the fastest and most sophisticated trains in the world. When I am president, I assure you, we will begin to lead the world in public transportation infrastructure.

Inspiring Innovation

Dr. Valerie McCray’s administration will be committed to encouraging innovation from our kindergarten schools, all the way to Colleges and Universities. As a Country, we can no longer afford to stifle innovation by giving tax breaks to oil companies who do not need them. Instead, we must invest in education, in the minds of our young children. This way, we usher in the future.

Building The Future Now

Dr. Valerie McCray has a vision of an innovative America. We can lead the world once again in ultra-modern transportation, superb airports, and safe interstate high roads. Dr. McCray knows how to set us on a track for a sustainable and modern future. Join her in this important fight of our generation.

It’s Time to Heal Our Planet

For many years, we have heard politicians deny global warming. Some label it as a hoax from China. This is irresponsible rhetoric, especially in the 21st century. Let’s join hands together to make a better world that our children will be proud to live in.

This Should be Los Angeles, Not Shenzen

Our airports are no longer the best in the world. We are falling behind because we have failed to invest in our Countries infrastructure. Join me to fight so we can reclaim our place as the best of the best, internationally. We can do this, we are Americans.

Providing a Living Wage for Americans

Dr. Valerie McCray is committed to providing a living wage for Americans. No American with a full-time job should go to bed with the stress of not being able to pay their bills.